This expandable hose does not come with a kitchen tap connector and it comes with 2 piece brass connector set that is intended to fit the typical outdoor garden taps.
Yes, it is possible to buy a replacement spray head.
This product comes with a 1-year warranty (product registration is required to avail this warranty which should be done within 7 days from the date of purchase).

Please click below link provided for the warranty registration.
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The advertised length is the expanded length.
Just disconnect the pipe and the hose-pipe contracts back to its normal size automatically. You don't have to do anything other than this.
Expanding hose pipes are not suitable with sprinkler at full speed. The hose can not expand to its maximum stretchable length as water flows at full speed via sprinklers. 
No, it is not possible to cut this hose down if it is too long.
It is 3 mm in thickness.
All the Double sided cutting mats comes with Metric (cm/mm) measurements on Side 1 and Imperial (in Inches) on Side 2.

Note: All the Rotatable and Foldable cutting mats comes only with Metric (cm/mm) measurements.
Store in fully flat position for longer life. Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat. Cut in different positions, sides and angles for longer life. 
It is made up of environmental friendly material and it is fully recyclable.
It is a Oscillating slim Tower fan and not a Air conditioning unit.
It is power operated. It comes with long 2 m cable. Only the remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries.
The 3 speed settings are Low, Mid and High.

The 3 wind modes are Nature, Normal and Sleep.

Natural Mode: Select fans offer a unique natural breeze setting. Enjoy the breeze as the fan cycles randomly through all fan speed settings, simulating the natural breezes found outdoors.
Sleep Mode: Sleep breeze setting that will cycle automatically from high setting to medium setting to low setting as you sleep, meeting your cooling needs and saving energy.
This has an automatic, shut off timer that allows you to set the fan to shut off automatically any time from 0.5 to 7.5 hours. 30 mins steps. Total 15 levels of timer settings. 
No, the batteries are not included with the package. It requires 2 x AAA batteries.
This product comes with a 1-year warranty (product registration is required to avail this warranty which should be done within 7 days from the date of purchase).

Please click below link provided for the warranty registration.
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The lights have 8 different functions which are easily changed using the button on the power adapter which you press repeatedly and it cycles through the functions. The 8 different modes which include: Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Scan, Slow glow, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/fFash and Steady On. You can choose your preferred setting.
Yes, it has the memory function. The memory function allows the lights to be set to a preferred setting-There is no need to reset when they are switched on again. 
These lights are with 3.6 wattage. Upto 300 LED lights are with 3.6 wattage. Upto 720 LED lights are with 6 wattage. Above 720 LED lights are with 7.2 wattage.
We have various kind of LED lights available from 50 LED, 100 LED, 200 LED, 400 LED, 500 LED, 600 LED, 720 LED & 1000 LED lights. Also, we do have cluster LED lights, Solar LED lights, ICICLE lighs and Moroccan Ball Fairy lights available.
Most of the LED lights are available in 2 different colors. Warm White and Bright White. We do have Multi color cluster lights available.
This product comes with a 1-year warranty (product registration is required to avail this warranty which should be done within 7 days from the date of purchase).

Please click below link provided for the warranty registration.
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Some of the LED lights are Battery operated and some of them are Power operated. Some of them are used for Indoor purpose and some of them are used for Outdoor purpose.
We have the following type of cutting mats available in different colours.

1. Double-sided
2. Rotatable
3. Foldable
4. Translucent
5. Magnetic
The noise decibels produced by the fan on low speed setting is 56 dB and 65 dB on the high speed setting.
The pump is intended as a temporary replacement for vacuum cleaner when access to one is not available such as when travelling, camping or on holiday. So, though possible, using the pump only will be exhausting and is not recommended. 

Please note that the pump is not included with all the Vacuum storage bags. However, it is compatible with not only ANSIO pumps but also with all other standard pumps.
You will be able to store your clothing, cushions, duvets, pillows and quilts.
Place the items deep into the bag, and leave plenty of space near the seal. Please do not be tempted to overfill them. When closing, pinch the clip firmly and go over the seal a few times, making sure to go all the way to the edges. Please be sure to store them in such a way that if they do happen to break their seal and expand, that won't cause a problem.
The screw pump fits perfectly and allows you to suck all the air out. you just screw the end of the pump to the end of the valve and pump, the pump works opposite to most pumps as it actually sucks air rather than pumping air. Then screw the mouth of the pump to the plastic bag at the white colour opening and gently work the pump to suck the air out of it and carry on until all the air is removed and the desired level of flatness is attained. It is better to use household Vacuum cleaner to drag the air out of the bag to speed up the process.

Note: The pump included is ideal for use when travelling, and screws on tightly to the valve enabling the air to be sucked out.
No, these GU10 LED bulbs should not be used with the dimmer switches.
It takes approximately two weeks to notice the water in the container depends on the humidity levels. Round white balls (Calcium Chloride desiccate) will slowly absorb moisture and dissolve in to water eventually. Before turn in to water stage, balls stick together and become clumps. After this stage you will notice water in the container. When the balls turn in to water, the bottom part will collect the water. Even this water also absorbs moisture from the air.
Please store the hosepipe in a dry place after draining the water completely out to increase its longevity. Avoid contact of the hosepipe with any sharp items, or placing heavy objects on top of the hose pipe.
No consumed bags or cartridges to dispose of. Simply pour liquid down any convenient household drain.
The working mechanism of dehumidifier tubs is different from Hanging Wardrobe dehumidifier. The wardrobe one is meant for relatively low humidity levels whereas tub is meant for high humidity levels like in bathroom and meant to last longer.
Rectangular patio set cover suitable for large patio table with up to 8 chairs. This cover is also suitable for rattan furniture or oval shaped garden furniture.
Currently, we have only this size available 2.8 m / 9.2 ft width 2.04 m / x 6.7 ft height 1.06 m / 3.48 ft.
We recommend that the cover is tied down using the tie cord provided.
No, it is available only in Green color.
No, it is not possible to write with a chalk on this board. You can use Whiteboard Marker pens.
The difference between the magnetic and the non-magnetic range of whiteboards is that the non-magnetic boards function only as write and wipe whiteboards, whereas in the magnetic boards you can use the provided colour magnets to stick paper notes and other ancillaries to the board as it has Magnetized white surface on both the sides. 
The staplers can be used with the standard 24/6 and 26/6 staples. If you use 24/6 staples, you can staple up to 20 sheets and if you use 26/6 staples, you can staple up to 25 sheets.
Yes, it is 360-degrees smooth rotating with heavy grip at the bottom. 
These cutting mats cannot be used for soldering. We are clearly stating that it should be kept away from heat in order to maintain its shape and self-healing feature. 
Carefully open the outer polythene packing using the tear-line provided. This activates the special Hydrophilic crystals. Use the hook provided to hang the Dehumidifier bag in your Wardrobe, Cupboard. Over time the Dehumidifier bag will collect water from the Wardrobe/Cupboard. When all the crystals in the bag have turned to water, the product is fully used. Dispose of the bag along with the other household as per local council regulations. 
As stated in the product description, this is not an Aroma Diffuser. Kindly do not use any kind of water additives like essential oils etc., as they will damage the unit.
It will work with power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Please refer the manual supplied with the product for more information.
Yes, the light is optional. You can change the settings by pressing the button.
The maximum room coverage is 250 sq. ft.
No, it will not cut the wire. The blade is designed to cut through most craft material such as fabrics, felt, cards and leather. The thicker material tends to blunt the blade quicker.
The inner diameter of the blade is 8 mm.
One blade is included with the Rotary cutter package and the blade type is SKS-7 (45 mm).
The pinking blade is not included in the set. ​Please see the images in the listing for your reference.
Please do not use this with warm water. It is recommended to use distilled/clean water in the tank as using hard water will require more frequent cleaning.
No, it cannot be rolled up. We recommend you to store it in a fully flat position for longer life. 
The double-sided cutting mat has Imperial (Inches) on one side and Metric (cm/mm) on another side.